A&A Clinic creates new experiences for you and all our clients. Because of the personal care and contact we have with each client at A&A Clinic, we make sure each visit is a new luxurious experience. The trust of our clients have in us, gives us the ability to grow and offer the newest international treatment at A&A Clinic. A&A Clinic team travels the world visiting the cosmetic congresses in America, Euro and Asia to get the newest products and techniques for our clients.

The trust between the client and the practioner or doctor is at the centre of our business model. With personalized treatments we can make sure you feel at ease and free to discuss anything. Cosmetic treatments require a lot of trust between the doctor and the client. The free consultation of a hour with the cosmetic doctor previous to any treatment gives our clients the ability to have an open conversation. This hour gives the client the ability to ask all questions, discuss the possibilities for treatments, but also the risks of the treatments.

It’s up the cosmetic doctor to decide whether a treatment is possible to be executed. The medical background of the client can make them suitable for a treatment or not. For your own safety is the doctor authorized to decline a treatment.

A&A Clinic gives high quality treatments and only work with A-brand products and techniques. We collaborate with top organizations all over the world, so we can exceed our self.