Botuline Toxine treatment is a treatment in which botulinum toxin (a liquid) is injected in the muscle under the skin with a thin needle. Botulinum toxin makes sure the muscle relaxes, this makes the skin look more relax and creates a more relaxed appearance.

Wrinkles that result from excessive use of muscles, such as the frown wrinkles, can be treated with botulinum toxins. However, botulinum toxins can also be used for medical problems such as tooth decay, migraine and excessive sweating.

A&A Clinic physicians use injectables that are 100% degradable and safe. The duration of the injectables visible in the face varies per individual. Botulinum toxins may be active for three to six months. The treatments can be repeated without problems. During a free consultation, the experienced physicians of A&A Clinic will discuss with the client the best options.

Areas that can be treated with Botulinum toxin.

Frown Lines

The frown lines are deep wrinkles between the eyebrows that can cause an angry and older appearance. It occurs because the muscles between the eyebrows are too active. The frown wrinkle is easy to remove or reduce with a Botulinum Toxin and has a fast and long lasting result. Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscle which makes the skin smoother and gives the face a relaxed appearance. It is possible that fillers are required for a completely smooth result. Read more

Forehead Lines

Due to the natural aging process, the skin makes less connective tissue causing the skin to lose its elasticity. This ensures that the muscles we use for our facial expression become more visible. As a result, the forehead lines do not disappear anymore. Injectables with Botulinum Toxin makes sure the muscles in the forehead relax and become less visible or disappear. Read more

Crow’s Feet

After a certain age, wrinkles may appear on the side of the eyes due to various factors, these wrinkles are called crow’s feet or laughter lines. These lines are appear during laughing or squeezing of the eyes, which is caused by an over active eye muscle. It can also be caused by smoking and or too much sun exposure. Botulinum toxin treatment ensures in these cases to make the lines look smoother and making the overall face look more pleasant. Read more

Eyebrow Lift

Due to the natural aging process, the eyebrows become heavier and press on the eyelids. As a result, a tiring appearance may occur. An eyebrow lift with injectables can cause the eyebrows to pull up a few millimetres, this makes the eyes less tired looking. Read more

Botuline toxin- treatments


DURATION:  3-6 Months

1 Zone € 150,-
2 Zone € 250,-
3 Zone € 350,-
4 Zone € 450,-
Frown wrinkle € 150,-
Forehead Lines € 150,-
Crow’s feet € 150,-
Eyebrow lift € 150,-
Nose correction (nose tip higher/lower) € 150,-
Bunny lines € 150,-
Migraine from. € 150,-
Teeth grinding from. € 150,-
Jawline slimming from. € 250,-
Gummy smile from. € 150,-
Excessive sweating from. € 150,-
Muscle cramp
Frown wrinkle and eyebrow lift € 250,-
Frown wrinkle and forehead lines € 350,-
Frown wrinkle, forehead lines and crow’s feet € 450,-