FILLER – Treatment

Treatment with fillers offer the opportunity to have a youthful and fresh appearance. The use of fillers depends on the type of lines and the volume loss. Fillers offer a solution to counter volume loss and to fill the wrinkles. The lips are also filled with fillers, to create a more voluptuous. A&A Clinic physicians use injectables that are 100% degradable and safe. The duration of the injectables visible in the face varies per individual.
Duration of the fillers varies between twelve to eighteen months. The treatments can be repeated without problems. During a free consultation, the experienced physicians of A&A Clinic will discuss with the client the best options.

Lip Enhancement

As we grow older, the volume of the lips decreases and lips can become narrower. Unfortunately, not everyone has full lips naturally. Beautiful full lips give a sensual and youthful look and it is the current trend. With fillers the lips can be filled or enlarged. Read more

Cheek Enhancement

Due to the natural aging process, bone structure can lose its shape. This causes the decrease in cheekbones. The contours of the face are hereditary and each person has a different volume ratio. High cheekbones provide a youthful appearance for both men and women. A treatment with injectables offers a nice and long lasting solution. Read more

Nasolabial Fold

Due to the natural aging process, the skin loses its elasticity and deep lines occur between the nose and mouth corner. Because of this nasolabial fold, the face looks tired. With fillers it is possible to reduce the wrinkles and thus restore a youthful and pleasant appearance. Read more

Marionette Lines

Hanging mouth angles or  marionette lines are caused by the volume loss that occurs with aging. However, it may also occur at younger age by strong muscles that pull down the corners of the mouth. With hanging corners, the face may look unfriendly or dissatisfied. With the help of fillers the mouth angles or marionette lines can be lifted. This gives the face a youthful and friendlier appearance. Read more

Tear Troughs

Tear trough is a cavity under the eyelid that is often caused by the natural aging process. A deep tear trough causes a tiring appearance and a dark shadow. A treatment with injectables can provide a fresh and radiant face. Read more 

Filler- behandelingen

Juvederm 12-18 months 1 ml € 500,-
Restylane 12-18 months 1 ml € 400,-
Belotero / Teoysal 6-12 months 1 ml € 300,-
Lip volume 1 ML From. € 300,-
Lip couture 1 ML From. € 300,-
Lip cupid arch 1 ML From. € 300,-
Cheekbones 1 ML From. € 300,-
Tear troughs 1 ML From. € 300,-
Chin 1 ML From. € 300,-
Jaw line  1 ML From. € 300,-
Temporal 1 ML From. € 300,-
Cheek Volume  1 ML From. € 300,-
Nose correction 1 ML From. € 300,-
Nasolabial Fold 1 ML From. € 300,-
Mouth corners 1 ML From. € 300,-
Wrinkles above the lip (smoker lines) 1 ML From. € 300,-
Eyebrow lift 1 ML From. € 300,-
Décolleté wrinkles 1 ML From. € 300,-